Mangos from salut soleil – ripe and juicy, tender flesh and full of flavour!

Mangos from salut soleil – ripe and juicy, tender flesh and simply unsurpassed in taste!

That is what you can expect from salut soleil fruit. Full and juicy flesh with an unequalled
sweet-sour taste is what makes them so special. We select only the very best, fibre-free types.
And our mangos even look different from others: the delicately scented skin shines in a
variety of green shades – just looking at them is a promise of the incomparable freshness
to come.

Quality is another key factor when our mangos are packed. At salut soleil each individual
fruit is inspected by hand to ensure it meets with our quality standards and to check it is
not bruised. Only mangos which survive our stringent tests will reach your shop counter!  

You can depend on getting ripe and juicy fruit with firm, fibre-free flesh - whenever you buy!

The other benefits of the the salut soleil mango….

Each time you eat a mango, you are doing great things for your health:


Nutrition facts per 100g mango


Calorific value





243 kJ

57 kcal

0,6 g

14,1 g

0,45 g

Vitamin A

Vitamin C



201 µg

44 mg


1,2 mg