Kiwis from salut soleil – handpicked, first-rate quality products!

Our kiwis have that something extra – they are top-quality products, lovingly picked by hand!

Ripe – and perfectly ready to eat
Has that ever happened to you? You take home freshly purchased kiwis only to find they are
unripe, or too sour to eat. The degree of ripeness is something which is difficult to control on the
long journey to your shop. But salut soleil know how to do it! Our kiwi experts have developed a
special and natural maturing process with which we can make sure the kiwis you buy are just right
to eat when you take them from your supermarket shelf!


Exactly spoon-size!
We have also specialized in getting the size of our product just right. Salut soleil packs only ripe, juicy, ready-to eat kiwis. Cut the fruit in half, and just spoon out the flesh.

Sorting –only the best are good enough!
Even during the packaging process, we depend on the real kiwi experts. Our employees make final checks to make sure our little “vitamin boosters” are in perfect condition. And only those fruits that get past this vigorous inspection will be sent on their way to your shop.

What else our kiwis have to offer....

Every kiwi you take home is packed with a multitude of health-bringing properties:


Nutrition facts per 100g kiwi


Calorific value





255 kJ

61 kcal

0,5 g

10,8 g

1,0 g

Vitamin C



93 mg