The dark-skinned varieties - something very special from salut soleil

Used in sushis, guacamole, as a side salad or a soup ingredient: the avocado is increasing in
popularity. The variety called “Hass” after the man who first cultivated it (around 1930) is
especially known among gourmets for its quality and nutty flavour. The avocado develops its
perfect taste only when fully ripe. The extraordinarily dark skin of this variety is a sure sign that
it is ripe and can then be lightly pressed with the thumb. Unlike many other varieties, it keeps well
in this ready-to-eat condition.

What else the avocado has to offer….

Each avocado contains a lot of good things to keep you fit and healthy – it has a high energy content of 908 kJ/100g (220 cal/100g) and is especially rich in unsaturated fatty acids – an ideal prevention against arteriosclerosis and other illnesses which come along as you get older.

Nutrition facts per 100g avocado


Calorific value





908 kJ

178 kcal

2 g

0,8 g

18,5 g

Vitamin E




1,3 mg


0,6 mg

10 mg
503 mg


Furthermore, the avocado is rich in potassium, calcium and iron as well as the B vitamins and vitamin E.